05 March 2007

New Shoes

We, as a family, bought six pairs of shoes this weekend. I can only stake claim to one of them, these rockin' kicks seen here. Rockports. Lovely. I have wanted a shoes like this for a loooong time and finally found the perfect pair.
They are so comfy.
I bought them in Philly and wore them out of the store 'cause I was so excited.

I almost walked into several trash cans, street signs and light poles while on the city streets. I was looking down the whole time, thinking - man, these look great!

We are heading to Florida in a couple weeks, for a splash in the Gulf and a couple Phillies spring training games. Naturally, the gals needed new footwear, dresses, pajamas and other assorted summertime gear to make the trip down south.

A very expensive weekend, all in all.

Oh, the birthday party went well. Someone showed up with Baby Disney Princess merchandise. Not very happy at all. For 3 years and one day we managed to keep that stuff out of the house and her life and there it was - wrapped in princess paper as well, as if the gift itself wasn't enough! Amazing that this individual is not hip enough to what we do as a family to leave the Disney merch on the shelves and try a little harder with a crafty or art related item. Ahh, family.


Phil said...

Those are nice... Are they wide at the toes? I have to be really careful about my shoes or my little toe gets pinched and I start walking funny and then my feet hurt.

Jeff - OWTK said...

They are pretty much the same width throughout the shoe - not square tip, but not pointy either. They have a nice shape to them which provides for plently of toe-wiggle room. I am a size 14, so I hear you about toes getting squeezed! These are great so far. A good first night test as we walked a bit and stood for over an hour at the Elvis Perkins show (and over 1.5 hours last night at the Bright Eyes show) and came away with no blisters. Ok, OWTK is turning into a foot fetish/shoe blog.