25 April 2007

Finally switched to Maple

For my entire life I have used Aunt Jemima Lite Syrup. When our daughter started to eat waffles and pancakes we had her using a real maple syrup, so she would not become addicted to the sugar sweetness of "syrup". We bought several varieties for us to try but we could not handle the earthy flavor after years of the sugary sweet, processed fake stuff. Our girl didn't care, so we kept giving her the real syrup, you know the kind that actually comes from trees. Eventually, we just stopped buying the expensive maple all together and we three have been using the Aunt Jemima Lite syrup ever since (I could not justify giving her one thing and us using something else entirely - just too hypocritical for my tastes).

Well, we gave Maple one more shot a month or so ago. We picked up a bottle of Shady Maple Farms "Thick-n-Rich" Syrup (all organic, pure Maple) and it is awesome. With the fake stuff, I needed it warmed in the microwave and smothering my pancakes. Now, I like it room temperature and just drizzled on top. It is not cheap, about $6 a bottle I believe (at Whole Foods), but worth every penny to finally do away with that high fructose corn syrup and cellulose gum (two of the first three ingredients, along with water) concoction that is Aunt Jemima syrup.

Luckily, our girl switched right back to the real maple stuff without batting an eye. The sugary hooks had not sunken too deep in her, plus the Shady Maple stuff is that good.


sarge said...

I think you should take a cue from Dunkin' Donuts' "maple cheddar sausage breakfast sandwich" and maybe use this new syrup and combine with some fine local scrapple... or maybe not. Just a thought... a disgustingly delicious thought!

Jeff - OWTK said...

Oh man, that is gross! Wawa has this new sandwich that is something like egg, sausage or bacon between two pancakes. Now that is nasty.