09 April 2007

How to be a big sister

Tonight we head to our baby-delivering hospital for a tour and a talk. It is not for us though, but for our daughter. It is a great-sounding program designed to get a child (age three or older) comfortable with the hospital, the baby nursery and their pending big sister-dom. I am curious to see at what level they talk to the kids about the birth, having a little tyke around the house and how their life is going to change from that moment on.

Anyone been through a class like this with their kids? How was it?


sober briquette said...

Hi Jeff, I'm in the process of stealing your stuffed animal meme (via Bumblebee Sweet Potato), and came back for a visit.

When we went on the tour, we brought our 3 year old daughter with us, and got a little grumbling from the nurses. I guess we misunderstood that the tour included siblings, but once it got underway, it was fine.

When the actual birth came (planned c-section, so again, very easy on the first born, no slipping out in the night or anything), my daughter was great in the hospital. The best part was that there was a terrific nurse who was so great with her, giving her a special hospital bracelet ("big sister"), letting her help bathe her baby brother, etc.

I hope you all enjoyed your tour.

Jeff - OWTK said...

Very cool...Steal away!

The tour was okay. It cost $30 and I do not feel we got $30 worth of value out of it. But with that said, it was good for our girl to see the maternity ward, nursey and such.

sober briquette said...

Yikes. Ours was free.

Jeff - OWTK said...

Free would have been better. Haha. I am not sure if I was in on this decision. I might has nodded once and wham! we were booked. $30 for 45 minutes. I was the only dude in the room for a presentation that pretty much left Dad out of the equation all together. Pretty frustrating.