02 April 2007

Random thoughts on Opening Day

  • Lunch date with my girl today. The plan is, since it will be a picture perfect 74 and sunny this afternoon, to be home by 12:30, fire up the grill for some cheeseburgers (with a great Spanish cheese, from the Island of Menorca, that I just bought at Whole Foods this weekend, called Mahon - it is incredible!). Oh, I wrote about Opening Day here.
  • My hope is to play outside a bunch while listening to the Phillies on the radio. I love baseball on the radio - the long stretches of "dead-air" where you can hear the muddled voices of 40,000 people and the occasional call from a hot dog vendor. Unlike most radio programs, baseball announcers have the freedom to stop talking from time to time, allowing the white noise of our National pastime to fill the space. It is awesome and I cannot possibly be more excited!
  • ESPN and ESPN2 are showing a handful of games today, so I will be inside while she naps soaking up the action from Kansas City, Cincinnati and New York.
  • Speaking of being outside - we had not one, but two Easter Egg Hunts this weekend. Our home played host to our Civic Association Hunt and then we had the family event over at my parent's house (since they will be away on Easter).
  • My girl was in the street riding her little Radio Flyer bike on Saturday (I have pictures and will try to post them this afternoon) and we realized that she is already too tall for it. We need to get a 12" or 16" bike with training wheels. Hitting a bike store this week to pick that up (seems like the only place a bike can be purchased without a character on it - or some stereotypical design or saying, like "Sugar and Spice" or something. ugh)
  • The new Bright Eyes record, "Cassadaga", is excellent. I got mine last week from my Saddle Creek pre-order. Early favorite tracks: "Make a plan to love me", "If the brakeman turns my way" and "Classic Cars".


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