14 May 2007

Sausage Race

Gotta love the Milwaukee Brewers and their traditional sausage races during home game at Miller Park. This weekend, I visited You Tube and let my girl watch a couple of these hilarious races. Check this one out with your kids. No way they don't find these races hysterical. Turns out they keep standings for the races on the official website of Klements Sausage Race. Currently, Hot Dog has a 4 game lead on Sweet Italian.

Later that night, she was running around in circles under the sprinkler in the backyard pretending to be the hot dog as Mom called the action from the sideline. Funny Stuff.

The OWTK 1 Year Anniversary Party starts Wednesday, May 16th! Stop back for (easy to win) contests and really good (I think) prizes.


christi said...

Our best friend brought Klements Sausage Finger Puppets back from a game for our son. He thinks it's great to race them, so thanks for the YouTube heads up. here at the I-Cubs (Chi's farm team) we have the hamburger race where random kids get to wear the costumes and race (they also shoot hot dogs into the stands.) Friday night, one of the kids tripped and the announcer said that he tripped on his pickle. We still aren't sure if we heard him right.

HoorayForSaturday said...

I've had the pleasure of seeing those live in person at Miller Park and the old County Stadium in Milwaukee.
Always entertaining!