14 June 2007

Tidbits at the end of a loooong week

Rapid fire format today, cause daddy-o just ain't got the energy for anything else...

  • $10873.00 - that is our bill for having a 2nd child. This number is the cost of having a healthy baby with a 1 day stay in the hospital. Amazing. How do folks without insurance have babies in hospitals?
  • We ordered our birth announcements from Tiny Prints. Cannot say enough about how cool their website is, how creative and plentiful their announcement options are and how neat the functionality of designing/writing the things is. Check out the Pink & Chocolate pattern we went with and use the coupon code THANKYOU07 to save $10 off your order (No min. purchase and no expiration date associated with this offer given to us with our shipment). The card stock is thick and the colors of the paper and the photos are brilliant.
  • Baby #2 has had a cold for about a week. She is having trouble breathing through her nose which, in addition to being extremely scary for us, is causing her much discomfort while attempting to sleep. Our first girl was not sick until 7 months old - so we have no clue how to ease the pain of a 2 week old child. Sleep, at least quality sleep, is at a premium right now.
  • The Joe McDermott "Air Guitar" contest deadline has been extended until the end of the weekend. Throw your name in the hat to win a great new kids' CD!
  • In music news - A Better Offer is featuring Okkervil River right now. They are my favorite band going these days (since The Afghan Whigs broke up). I am counting down the days until OR's new record, "The Stage Names", is released in August.
  • Speaking of music and August....That month is setting up to be quite excellent. We are heading up to NYC for The National's free South St. Seaport gig on the 17th and may head south straight from there for Charlottesville, VA to spend the weekend in that cool college town, catching the John Prine/Josh Ritter show on the 18th. Like Okkervil River, Ritter's new disc is also out in mid-August - again very excited! So, my new little girl's first live music will be The National at 2 1/2 months old. Cool, but not as cool as Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan at 5 months old.
  • Despite my lack of mentioning it, I am still writing over at Families.com .
That is about it for now. Happy Fathers Day to all the Rockin Dad's out there!

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Zak Champagne & Richard Dudley said...

Just catching up on my out with the kids reading...I'm in Highlands, NC for a weeding. Thanks for mentioning A Better Offer. Okkervil River coverage continues through the week, and there's a contest running over there...please excuse the shameless plug.

Hope #2 is feeling better by now.