19 July 2007

Empire Today, Finger Snaps and 1 Organic Baby

What a craptastic night. We are hoping to have some serious work done on our home and as a result the Mrs. has been having a sort of Open House for contractors. Tonight, a salesman from Empire Today - the large siding and window place - stopped over for a prolonged visit. We have not been so annoyed since the water softener guy from many years ago. That visit ended in me slightly verbally abusing the nimrod until he split. This character was dealing pretty much solely with my wife as I was in the bedroom on the laptop trying to see if Adobe lets you install Illustrator on more than one computer after you purchase it (we are close to buying a new MacBook Pro). Seems he put the hard make-up-your-mind-now sales pitch on at the end and said that he could not guarantee the quote come tomorrow. How freakin' insane is that? What about the job - labor or materials - will change overnight. What a lame fool. When the Mrs. explained that she would be an idiot not to obtain more quotes he acted like a child (this is when I returned - unfortunately a bit too late to catch the brilliant exchange) and did not say a word as he packed up his glorified girl scout kit and left in a huff. What a professional. Keep this in mind if you would ever think about calling Empire Today for one of those "free in home quotes."

In cooler news, my gal can snap her fingers - on both hands at the same time too - which is pretty awesome.

Naomi from superdumb supervillain sent this link over to show off her pregnant self in a maternity t-shirt I designed and she won during the OWTK 1st Anniversary Party. If you too would like to look this stylish, head on over to The World's Fair T-Shirt and Gift Shop. The prices are sweet right now but I can't guarantee them if you wait till tomorrow. ha!
Thanks Naomi and Happy Birthday to Jasper! I hope everything goes swimmingly for you and your little baby boy!


SweFlo said...

We just had Empire come in this morning to give us a quote for tile in our entire house. I was ambivalent to say the least after reading some bad reviews online, and my husband and I are very allergic to pressure sales tactics as well. But to my surprise the guy was really decent and reasonable. I told him we had to think about it and would get back to him next week, he was OK with that. We will see if we choose them, they do have an advantage being able to install in 4 days rather then the other guys' 2 weeks or more...

Anonymous said...

Without going into a long-winded story about Empire Today, I will give the basic rundown. I scheduled a time during the day for a technician to measure windows and give an estimate for plantation shutters. At ten minutes before the end of the 2-hour window appointment time that I was given, I was called to say that the company had to cancel and re-schedule my appointment time.

I told them that if I ran a business that way, I would soon be out of business. Needless to say, I did not reschedule another time, and will go with a different company from which to purchase and install the shutters.

I encourage any reader to consider doing the same, and to beware of Empire Today.