29 September 2007

In a Perfect World, OWTK would be at the SteveSongs show right now

Instead, we are at dance class. Somehow, both the Mrs. and I neglected to remember our new weekly scheduled obligation and therefore did not consider it's timing - that being at the exact same time as the SteveSongs event a couple dozen miles away in Philly. Had we two been able to recall this fact earlier in the week, we would have been able to maneuver the Bear into a class at another time/day. But alas, we did not and could not and so we are missing a morning of fine kiddie music.

This is especially frustrating because we are digging SteveSongs' new disc "Marvelous Day" so much right now. The record has a few weak patches, most notably the cuts at the front that feel as if they are dangerously close to slipping into "soft-jazz" territory. The words "soft" and "jazz" (or "rock" for that matter) should never be next to each other. Luckily, these soft jazz tendencies do not come about too often. Where "Marvelous Day" shines the brightest, and it does quite a bit, is when Steve involves the kids the most, towards the 2nd half of the 17 track effort. Standout tracks include "Opposite Day" which flips the script on a number of normal-day activities such as eating breakfast and enjoying recess at school. "Opposite Day" is a witty and down-to-earth diddy that will have a smile planted firmly on your child's face from the get-go. "The Audition", which might just be the funniest children's song ever, has instantly stuck in the Bear's head. She, after just one listen, is reciting sizable chunks of this clever, laugh-out-loud-funny tune about a young boy taking extreme measures to ensure his place in the big Christmas play at school. "The Audition" is following by a hilarious joke told by Clark Eglinton, the young lad who is also the adorable vocalist and storytelling in "The Audition", and is delivered with the comedic timing and precision of a pro. The honest and real little dialogue between Steve and the boy is fantastic. Up next (I told you the later half of this disc was good) is the most unique and "modern" version of "She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes" you'll likely hear this (or any) year. It is yet another laugh-out-loud funny moment to share with your kids in the car or while dancing around the living room.

Even as a former business consultant, Steve Roslonek is no newcomer to the kid's music scene. "Marvelous Day" marks his 5th release in 5 years. Hey, that's one per year!
He has accumulated numerous awards and heaps of praise for his work and live performances and certainly comes off as an amiable dude with a specific skill for engaging children at their level, crafting stories and melodies that even the littlest of music fans can relate to, appreciate, and most importantly - can sing and dance to.

Find out more about SteveSongs, sample some tracks and then buy a disc or two - they would make wonderful stocking stuffers for your lil' rock-n-roll preschoolers!

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