31 October 2007


How's that for an exciting title? Really sucks you in, doesn't it!

Just a couple quick thoughts for the spookiest day of the year...

Hallo-tween slut costumes have been in the news a lot over the past couple weeks. I think even the venerable CNN.com featured an article on the disturbing trend of sluttier and sluttier Halloween outfits for our young ladies. My hometown rag, the Philly Inquirer ran a front page (of the aptly named 'Image' section) discussing how quite a good number of Moms and Dads are bucking this hooker-ish trend. I am pleased to report that neither the Bear or the Mouse if going as a streetwalker this year. Yeah, we are accepting Parent of the Year nominations...

For her 4th October 31st, the Bear is dressing as a Ballerina Bear. Basically, a bear costume with a tutu (from last year's plain ballerina costume). It is a "real" version of a game she plays...that there are 10 (or 13 depending on the day) tiny little bears that live on our bed - in between the two over sized decorative sham pillows. The bears come out doing jetes and other ballet moves from time to time. It is pretty funny to watch her pretend. So, she is being one of those bears.

The Mouse, on her very 1st Halloween, in turn, is also being a little teddy bear.

The originally idea was for The Mrs. and I to be dressed in PJs and the kids would then act as our Teddy Bears. Pretty multi-layered costume arrangements, no? Not sure if I will be sporting the pajamas though, as I normally work the tee-shirt and underwear look for bedtime and I am guessing my neighbors will not be chomping at the bit to experience that first hand.

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