04 October 2007

Homework for Parents

Kids do school work in class, parents leave remarks online. I love this idea.

In response to parents bitching about extra work in their lives - Yeah, we're all busy. Get over yourself and get involved in your child's education/life. They deserve it and who knows, you may learn something about them and the subject matter.


landismom said...

Of the four primary teachers that my daughter has had in her K-3 career, only one of them was what I would consider internet literate. The others could deal with email (with the notable exception of her now-retired kindergarten teacher). Blogging is way beyond them. I think this is a great idea, although I'm a little afraid of what would happen if every teacher these kids had started doing that (calculus blog? no thank you!).

Jeff - OWTK said...

Haha, seriously. A calc blog would surely suck, but I think a simple comment/remark on the work being done that day/week is pretty reasonable and a creative way to capture the attention of the parents. I'm all for it.