09 November 2007

Fids and Kamily 2007 Best of Kid's Music Poll (or why I'm not writing)

I'm an official judge in this year's Fids and Kamily Poll. Listening to a ton of new kid's tunes this past week as well as diving back into the "older stuff" (from earlier this year) to compile my best 10 kid's records of 2007.

Also keeping me from writing is the enormous amount of construction taking place at my humble abode. The old garage and playroom are being rebuilt, the master bathroom is gutted and being rebuilt and a couple other things in various stages of (not) doneness. The place is an absolute mess, as is our financial picture, and I can't focus or sit down and relax long enough to muster a post here or at families.com.

But, this will change soon (I hope!) Until then...be well y'all.

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Phil said...

I'm a Fids and Kamily judge too. It will be interesting to see what other people have to say about the CDs released this year.

Our house is a mess too, particularly the basement. I'm finishing it by framing in the walls and then putting up drywall. The problem is that I can't take everything out of the basement because there's no place to put it, so all the boxes and junk are getting pushed around from one corner to the next. When it comes time to paint, I'll just cover it all with a tarp.