29 November 2007

Top Fifteen Records of 2007

Coming on the heels of the great Fids and Kamily Awards of 2007...I present to you my top 15 records of 2007. Many of these albums have tracks ideal for the kids in your life, but that is just a coincidence. And away we go...

1) "The Stage Names" - Okkervil River
2) "The Broken String" - Bishop Allen
3) "Anytown Graffeti" - Pela
4) "Ash Wednesday" - Elvis Perkins
5) "Boxer" - The National
6) "Hoots and Hellmouth" - Hoots and Hellmouth
7) "The Flying Club Cup" - Beirut
8) "Emotionalism" - The Avett Brothers
9) "In Rainbows" - Radiohead
10) "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter" - Josh Ritter
11) "Wincing the Night Away" - The Shins
12) "Two Gallants" - Two Gallants
13) "Reichenbach Falls" Ravens & Chimes
14) "Neon Bible" - Arcade Fire
15) "Cassadaga" - Bright Eyes


Sarge (www.bryansargent.com) said...

16) "American Idol Finalists" - various
SOOOO close! Oh well, there's always next year

Jeff - OWTK said...

Yeah Sarge, The Hannah Montana and American Idol discs fell just a bit short of my top 15 this year. It's a shame but someone had to be left out in the cold.