07 January 2008

Medeski, Martin & Wood "Let's Go Everywhere"

Any word on when is Wolf Parade's kiddie-rock record is coming out?

I joke, but it does seem like there is a mad dash to jump into the genre - maybe because it's one of the only making a buck with physical CD sales these days. Or maybe because it allows often serious artists to have some fun with their craft and their audience. Whatever the reason, we should all be glad that Medeski, Martin and Wood - those purveying of fine jazz/funk - decided to put together an album for little folks and release it to the masses. Their entrance into the world of children's entertainment is a stunning 15 track disc entitled "Let's Go Everywhere".
It will be released on Little Monster Records tomorrow January 8th, 2008.

The story of how "Let's Go Everywhere" came to together starts with a play date and ends with what will undoubtedly be considered one of the coolest kids records released this year.
The music is top notch and tight, as anyone familiar with MMW's adult music would imagine it to be, while at the same time playful and lighthearted. What is quite interesting to this parent and music reviewer is that a good portion of the tracks are essentially instrumental pieces, albeit mostly upbeat dance-able numbers. I am curious to see how the disc does with more mainstream American families that would probably not consider instrumental music for their own listening pleasure (short of being relegated to serve as background cocktail party music - ugh). Hopefully this disc finds it's way into thousands of minivans as well as mini coopers 'cause this is as much a record for little kids as it is for the little kid in all of us.

The presence of numerous instrumentals should in no way give you pause - this CD is super fun. You should really consider buying this disc immediately. There really is no reason to give it a second thought.

Within 2 minutes (1 minute into the hip title track) the Bear (now age 3 3/4 for those keeping score at home) was dancing around the room, shaking her tiny tush with feather boa 'round her neck and magic sceptre in hand. The music is infectious and groovy and will be a big hit with any kid fortunate enough to have the CD added to their family's music collection.

Standout cuts include "The Squalb"- a spoken word story of what that stuff inside our pockets actually is (if you thought "lint" you're mistaken), "Where's the Music" -
a very cool jazzy ditty. It's one of those instrumentals, save for children shouting the title of the track every 30 seconds or so and also serves as a great song for musical chairs (kids still play that game, right?) since you don't even have to man the stereo or iPod. "Pirate's Don't Take Baths" is probably the funniest song on the record and will be the one in heavy rotation on XM Kids, Radio Disney, Spare the Rock and other kid's music programs - and rightfully so. You'll understand why when you sample "Pirate's Don't Take Baths" along with Where's the Music" right here.

MMW is the special guest at Levon Helm's 1st Kid's Ramble of 2008 as well as Mr. Helm's musical guest for his adult Midnight Ramble on 1/12/08. Both shows are sold out (unfortunately, for this writer who didn't get tickets in time)
. We purchased Helm's Dirt Farmer package getting us an autographed copy of "Dirt Farmer", a long sleeve hooded tee and a pair of tix for any Ramble this year. Words simply cannot describe my excitement to see Levon play...at his cozy home studio (holy crap!). To see MMW up there in Woodstock as well would have been a special moment.

I don't see any all ages/kids performances lined up yet, but hopefully MMW will tour a bit for the wee ones, behind this incredible record.

Buy "Let's Go Everywhere" today directly from Medeski, Martin and Wood.

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