27 January 2008

New Site Launch

A few years ago, my mom would practice "mousing" on the ancient PC in their basement. Six months ago, I gave my parents our old Dell desktop. Today they have gmail, an iGoogle homepage with widgets, RSS feeds and all that jazz, and a digital camera. Now, they are taking the next logical step in their technological evolution - they're starting a blog!

The site is called Philly50.com and it is a joint venture between them and their youngest son (that's me). The idea is pretty simple - dine at one of the 50 best restaurants in the Philadelphia region each week over the course of the next year. Sounds fun, no? The idea came to my dad, already a man in love with eating out and eating well, as he perused the new Philadelphia Magazine's foodie rankings. They hope to deliver a real-life, any-given-day-of-the-week look at what are considered to be the 50 finest eating establishments in an excellent restaurant region. They'll consider all aspects of each restaurant's charm - it's food, naturally, it's location, it's service, atmosphere and even it's bathrooms.

Stay tuned for more info...we hope to go live with the first restaurant review in early February.

1 comment:

Mom101 said...

I think that's just awesome. It sounds a bit like my mother, who should totally blog, but is worried then that she'd never read, and would rather read. Eh, old people and their messed up priorities.

Thanks for the comment at my place today and glad to find yours. It's a nice place you've got here.