28 February 2008

Mouse Puke

The Mouse has spent the last 16 hours marking her territory all about the house (and the left side of my favorite red shirt). The poor gal will celebrate her 9 month birthday today with a nasty stomach bug but the funny thing is that she couldn't be happier...when not upchucking - the girl is all kool-aid smiles, two-tooth laughs and squeezy hugs.

A scheduled long weekend in the Poconos is off 'cause two hours in the car with a code orange on the throw up front is just not a wise move.

...and the Bear has a low-grade fever this morning...this is shaping up to be one hell of a birthday weekend.

In other news, we added one final gift to the Bear stash (can you call 4 gifts a 'stash' or would a 'bundle' be more apropos?) when I picked up the new Fancy Nancy book "Bonjour, Butterfly" last night at Target during a Pedialyte run. We also decided on a digital camera, this one from Buy.com. I had no idea GE made cameras, but this one looks easy to use, got good reviews and is in a cool looking red. Used Google Checkout for the first time and saved $10, bringing the camera to $83 - a mere $4 more than the big clunky "kids" cameras.


Carmi said...

They don't. It's the same thing as Zenith TVs and TCA radios: it's little more than a brand, slapped onto whatever electronic device comes out of the OEM factory in China.

Still, major score compared to kiddocams!

landismom said...

Poor Mouse and Bear! Hope they both feel better soon.