07 February 2008


The Mrs. and I are heading down to see Vampire Weekend tonight. This is, by my count, their third Philadelphia gig in the last six months. While I've been enjoying their music (thanks to KEXP.org) for the past year it seems, we never ventured down to see them in my hometown. Tonight however, that changes. The show at the 1st Unitarian Church is sold out - in fact, pairs of tix have been going for $150+ on eBay (yikes). Considering the face value is $10, that's an impressive profit margin. I wish I bought a dozen or so to unload at those markups!

Anyway, VW is just about the biggest hyped indie band in the last few years - probably since Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Hopefully they can pull off their minimalist rock-n-roll style in a live setting. Some non-bombastic rock bands, the Shins for example, leave a little something to be desired live. Either way, it'll be a nice night Out Without The Kids.


Sarge said...

You guys have fun tonight! Bust out your best pastel polo shirt (collar up of course

Jeff - OWTK said...

'Twas a good show. They are very tight live and the sound in The Church was stellar. No pastel polos though, maybe if it was springtime. The bassist of VW was sporting a coral blue cardigan though, so that was cool.