19 March 2008

OWTK NCAA Kid's Music Tournament Selection Show

Late on Thursday, OWTK will begin a Children's Music Review Tournament that will last for a couple weeks. I have compiled a field of twelve new/newish releases that will be pitted against each other along with brief reviews and a song or video sample (if available) of each. Oh, there's also a big basketball tourney starting tomorrow...

Here are the two regions:

The Singin' in the Rain Region
(1) Brady Rymer "Here Come Brady Rymer & The Little Band That Could" vs. (6) Gene & Cher Klosner "Stardust Lullaby Collection"
(2) The Harmonica Pocket "Ladybug One" vs. (5) Dixieland Jazz for Children
(3) David Tobocman "Very Helpful Songs" vs. (4) Mr. Oscat "Mr. Oscat Says..."

The American in Paris Region

(1) Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck "Special Kind of Day" vs. (6) Suzi Shelton "No Ordinary Day"

(2) Astrograss "Let Me Stay Up All Night" vs. (5) Bari Koral Rock Band

(3) Thaddeus Rex "Shakin' in Chicago" vs. (4) Gunnar Madsen "I'm Growing"

I awarded Rebecca Freeza and Brady Rymer the top seeds as they seem to be the "biggest" acts of the bunch. From there I just looked to create interesting matchups. I welcome comments/votes and will take your opinions to heart when deciding who advances.

There will definetely be a nice giveaway at the end...no details yet as I'm still putting that together.

Stop back tomorrow for our first matchup!


shiningdove said...

I totally support Rebecca Frezza and the Big Truck band. Their music, musicianship and artistic appeal are top notch. Their music is diverse, and keep the grown ups boppin while thrilling the kids. And some of their songs are educational to boot! I have seen them live, and the show is polished pro. If you haven't gone to a show of theirs, go! My kids LOVE them. Go Big Truck!

Anonymous said...

Go Big Truck !!!
My grandchild loves the music, and it entertains me too!

Anonymous said...

I love Big Truck! I give the CD's as gifts to all my friends with kids!!!

Maestra Jen said...

Stardust Lullaby is a winner! Cher and Gene have created a beautiful,soothing, and fantastic CD that our kids absolutley love!


Anonymous said...

We can't get enough of Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck! Our kids love their music --both the CDs and (lucky for us!) live, in concert. Kids love the music because it's all subject matter that's exactly what they care about most and it's hard not to move to the rockin' music ... My husband and I love them because Rebecca and crew are AMAZING performers and musicians and we love the songs, too. We even find ourselves singing their music when the kids aren't around ... their energy is completely contagious!