16 March 2008

Stay-At-Home-Dad and The Justin Roberts show

That is my goal...and it's also one of the new Justin Roberts cuts on his forthcoming record "Pop Fly". He played that awesome song along with the title track and a rockin' assortment of older diddies such as "Imaginary Rhino", "Meltdown!", "I Chalk" and "Way Out" at a SOLD OUT! World Cafe Live show this morning. The gig featured just Roberts and Liam Davis (Justin's producer and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire) but Justin promised me that the next time they come through Philly (Fall '08) that the full band, the Not Ready For Naptime Players, will be there as well (now that they are selling out in Philly, the travel costs for an extra couple band mates can be absorbed.)

"Pop Fly" will be released on April 15th but look for an internet pre-sale (with discount) to start a week earlier. Be sure to sign up for JR's email list to get all the details. Oh! and if you get the chance to pick up one of the new JR t-shirts be sure to do so as they're a cool baseball jersey style (from American Apparel, nice) with '08' on the back in a varsity-letter font. Very cool.

The gig today was the best thing that happened over the past few days. On Thursday afternoon, I was in my first car accident. I rear-ended a couple of college girls on the way back from lunch with a couple of guys from work. We were out watching the crappy 'Nova vs. Georgetown game. After that I came down with some bizarre strand of the stomach flu that The Mrs. had earlier in the week. That caused me to be weak and in bed for much of the beautiful 60 degree Saturday. Add to that a frustrating Michigan State Spartans Big Ten Semifinal game vs. Wisconsin (we blow a 12 pt lead with 8 minutes to go and then lose) and another Red Wing loss and you get one big pile of poo. Yeah!

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