28 April 2008

Sleep well tonight knowing that our country is safe...

Disaster has been averted! The crack team also known as the TSA uncovered my sinister plan to smother each and every one of the 50 passengers squeezed on to our tiny plane with Rendezvous BBQ sauce. Fortunately for all aboard ,and frankly the nation as a whole, my $3.50 sealed bottle of tasty sauce, a Memphis treat that is available for purchase for $4.99 on both sides of the security checkpoint at the Memphis airport, was confiscated.

Dry rub, it turns out, does not pose a serious national security threat but my sealed bottle of liquid Tylenol (I can't swallow pills) almost did. Luckily a supervisor was nearby for my helpful TSA rep to shout the $10,000 question...and I quote "Is this considered medicine?" Yes genius, it is.

Hey look! A little family of geese crossing the street in front of my rental car. How cuuuuute.

While in Memphis, I toured the Gibson guitar factory, watching numerous axes being created, painted, stringed (strung?) and tuned.

A very neat tour in a cool building in a upstart part of a underrated Midwestern city. I've gone adjective crazy!!!!

I'm not usually one for over-gentrification but the downtown core of Memphis is a pretty fun place to visit, what with Beale St., AutoZone Park, FedEx Forum, the National Civil Rights Museum and some great restaurants all in a few block radius of each other and all steps from the mighty Mississippi River.

And now for the totally random-it's been weeks since I wrote about anything other than kid's music-section of this post:

I came home to find the Mouse fully upwardly mobile, which is fun. She no longer needs her parent's legs or fingers to hold on to and the edge of the sofa has been rendered useless in her eyes.

In other news, the Mrs. and I will be taking in the live simulcast of This American Life at a local movie theater this coming Thursday. We're pretty excited as we love the radio show (and just last night bought season one of the TV show on iTunes).

We're less than one month from our Sarasota, FL mini-vacation. Super-jazzed to see the Mouse slash and frolic in the warm (over 80 degrees already!) Gulf of Mexico.

Our home construction is finally finished. The 5 week job that lasted 8 calendar months wrapped up last week and we couldn't be more...nonplussed about it. I guess it's the anti-climactic end to the nightmare but we're just not stoked to have that extra room. It's just there and my only regret is that I didn't write about the entire experience. What a waste of prime blog material!

We are days away from the 2nd Anniversary of Out With The Kids! Just like last year, I have a ton of great giveaways scheduled. It should be quite a joyful celebration of this lil' blog...you'll laugh, you'll cry...and if you're lucky you might win some sweet swag.


landismom said...

Wow. Although I have to say, that's not the worst TSA story--I once saw them take away the juice boxes of a mom traveling alone with a two-year-old. I wept in solidarity with her.

Great pics from the Gibson factory--those are really cool!

Sarge said...

You should have told the TSA employees you were planning on making "Freedom Barbeque" with your sauce.

I've got a t-shirt idea for the World's Fair store:
"My friend went to the Gibson Guitar Factory and not only did I NOT get a lousy t-shirt, he didn't even get me a guitar!" ; )