16 June 2008

A Kindergarten Wish

Last week was graduation week. Not for the Bear, but for her older classmates - those lucky souls who, thanks to the timing of their birthdays, will be 5 years old before September 1st. They are moving on to the big K - Kindergarten. The Bear was not pleased. She knows she's smart enough and ready to move on from her Pre-K class and move out of her current school into a new, more challenging environment. But, seeing as how she just turned 4 in March she is scheduled to be stuck in her same classroom for another school year - thanks to a PA state mandate. As frustrating as that may be, at least we don't have to deal with this.

We told her that we could pay for private (non-public school) Kindergarten for 1 year before moving to yet another new school for the start of 1st grade - hopefully a public charter nearby. She says she wouldn't mind switching schools twice in two years (who is this girl that doesn't care about being the new kid in back to back years?)

So now we search for an '08-'09 K option, hoping the place we find 1) has an opening on short notice 2) is close by and 3) doesn't cost a small fortune.

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