03 June 2008

Nothing But Net

When I started at my day job, some 9 years ago I befriended another corporate newbie named Lynda Commale. She eventually left the firm for much more important goals, like starting a family and now, for the past two years or so, to raise money for Nothing But Nets. With her amazing 7 year old daughter Katherine, they have championed this wonderful program that aims to provide every African child with protection from malaria in the form of a simple mosquito net. These nets can potentially save their life...all for only $10! One net can last a family for up to 4 years!

OWTK just donated $50 (or 5 nets) and I encourage you and your child to look into this effort and consider purchasing a net for a child in Africa. 100% of your donation will go to this effort - not a penny will wander away for administrative costs!

It's a great way to start a philanthropic endeavor with your kids because the result impacts other children...it's a no-brainer!

Read about Lynda and Katherine in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the New York Times. Then visit their site and plop down a ten spot.

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