13 June 2008

Taking Dad to Outback

Many, many Dads (and their families) love the down under atmosphere and cuisine of Outback Steakhouse. While I'm not one of those mates, I can certainly still appreciate a good deal when I see one. So if your papa or hubby is a proud bloomin' onion lovin' carnivore, consider taking him to Outback on Sunday - for Father's Day.
Why? Because the Aussie chop shop is offering a $10 certificate good for a future visit (between 6/18 and 7/20 of this year) when you dine there with dad on June 15th.
Padre will need to activate the $10 certificate online here and in doing so will also be entered into a drawing for a cool $100 Outback gift card - now that will buy A LOT of meat!

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