08 July 2008

Holy Reunion Tour Batman!

I've just learned that Shudder to Think is getting back together for a tour this fall!
I'm so incredibly stoked! I saw them several times, many moons ago...once as the opener for Foo Fighters at a sweaty, packed Trocadero in Philly (the Foo's first ever tour). I then saw Craig Wedren (lead vocalist for Shudder to Think) play solo during a live THE STATE comedy show in NYC.

Check out their video for X-French Tee Shirt.

This reunion tour news, along with the derth of bands deciding to play their "famous" records live at special events/festivals, got me to thinking what would be my all time wish-they'd-get-back-together-and-tour list or wish-they'd-play-that-record-live list. Here goes:
  • Afghan Whigs (without a doubt my favorite band of all time. If I knew that last time I saw them would have been the last time...)
  • Quicksand
  • Hoover
  • Silkworm (impossible because of a senseless death)
  • The Band - original lineup circa early 70's (impossible because of death and also hatred between band members)
  • Bob Dylan - performing Blonde on Blonde in it's entirety
  • Drill For Absentee

That's it, off the top of my head, although I'm certain that I'm missing some band I loved a decade ago.

What band would you love to see get back together or play their classic album live?


Anonymous said...

My friend saw the one off Shudder To Think show at the Mercury Lounge show last year and said it was unbelievable.

Drill For Who?

-The original PJ Harvey trio performing "Rid Of Me" in it's entirety.
-David Bowie reforming Tin Machine.
-Even though they haven't officially broken up, it's about time Fugazi comes back.
-The Smiths... but that will never happen

Jeff - OWTK said...

I agree, I'd love to see Fugazi again. I just stumbled on to a very old clip of them performing "Waiting Room" live in some basement (on You Tube). It looked like it was from the mid-80's.
I just never got The Smiths or PJ Harvey.

Anonymous said...

Sparks playing "kimono my house" with the band that recorded it. and they could toss in "something for the girl with everything" for an encore.... (hated the rest of their catalog....)