03 July 2008

Rock Daddy Rock Silly Short CD Review

I admire an independent DIY attitude. The Mrs. and I work hard to instill a DIY aesthetic in our girls every chance we get. No place is the Do It Yourself credo historically more vibrant, visible and alive than in the music world. My past as a record label owner and show organizer/promoter has provided me with a little bit of insight into the industry. As a result, I absolutely love to see guys and girls writing, recording, performing, designing, releasing and promoting their own records. I know first hand that it's very time consuming and often a maddening experience to do just a few of those tasks alone. Guys like Chris Bihuniak, the one man band/record label/producer behind Rock Daddy Rock, wears all the hats while also playing Dad to four young kids - amazin'!

So how's the music on Silly Short Songs For Silly Short People? I thought you'd never ask. Chris has a clever concept here. He churns out clever 1-2 minute ditties that are either instructional in nature (see: "Because I Care" and "Don't Hit, Don't Spit") or centered around things like Boogies, Warts, Farts & Poopy Diapers - you know, all of the silliest stuff in a kid's life. Rock Daddy Rock's
Silly Short Songs For Silly Short People will never be confused with the pristine studio albums of Justin Roberts or Brady Rymer, but that's not the goal at all. Bihuniak is aiming for something much more organic here (his kids even chip in with some backing vocals - kind of like Daddy A Go-Go). Rock Daddy Rock wants to make you and your kids get up and dance and laugh at the simple silly stuff that every kid (and most adults who are honest!) find to be hilarious. He accomplishes this noble goal numerous times throughout the 18 tracks on Silly Short Songs For Silly Short People. The debut Rock Daddy Rock disc is not perfect but what is lacks in polish it more than makes up for in effort.

Listen to all the songs here then pick up a copy (physical or digital) here.

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