05 August 2008

Cake Jumper!

For the longest time the Games page on the Gustafer Yellowgold website teased visitors with this image of Cake Jumper, a fun looking activity that was always "coming soon". Well "soon" has finally arrived as the big red ribbon on the Cake Jumper game was cut today.

The game is a hoot. You play as Gustafer and the object is to smash as many cakes, pies and treats as possible collecting points along the way. As you advance through the three rounds the desserts get more interesting and the speed of the game quickens. Head on over to the Gustafer Yellowgold website and play a game or two.

In other exciting Gusty news, the yellow dude from the sun is back in the big apple for another Off-Broadway run. Having caught the show the last time around I recommend that anyone and everyone head into lower Manhattan this Fall to check it out.

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