19 September 2008

Money Well Spent, but Spent None-the-Less

In the span of 10 days we've spent $300 on a more-complex-than-expected dryer duct cleaning, $140 on Maytag fridge service and $150 on a new tire for our little car because I got a flat on Monday night. There's nearly $600 we didn't have...a nice start to living on one income! It's because of these expenses, along with an uncomfortable monetary feeling I had since I saw it advertised at $100 per person, that we did not attend the NFL Films event last night at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. They were honoring Steve Sabol of NFL Films and the event was hosted by voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese and one of my personal favorites Ray Didinger (one of the smartest football people I've ever heard talk). I'm sure it was fantastic.

It was the first time since becoming professionally unemployed that I've had a big financial decision to make - the whole "but I really want to go" balanced with the unavoidable "but we don't have [fill in large dollar amount here] to go to it". It sucks but that was and is the known trade off when I left my job last month.

We are splurging this weekend though, as the Mrs. and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in Woodstock, NY. We're staying at a beautiful looking bed and breakfast, having dinner streamside at the Bear Cafe and attending Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble on Saturday night. The weather up there is to be in the high 30's at night!

'Tis going to be an amazing weekend with my lovely bride.

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