21 October 2008

Can you hear Justin Roberts?

ASHA has teamed up with Justin Roberts in an effort to promote awareness of hearing loss in kids as a result of blaring personal audio devices like iPods. The campaign is called Listen to Your Buds and it's great because it seems to get almost no media coverage. I've always thought that the classic outer ear headphones served our kiddies better from a volume standpoint and now I'm starting to see "kid safe" headphones that appear to be smaller versions of those old fashion earphones. There are also cool earbud style listening devices that control the volume to protect your little one's ears.

Check out the Justin Roberts/ASHA podcast.


Sarge said...


Sorry, I couldn't resist.
This is a great campaign. Very nice!

Michael said...

I work in public relations, and, in my last job, did work for a company that offers a treatment for tinnitus.

While not all those with hearing loss will get tinnitus, many do. It's very emotional to read about the emotional toll that tinnitus can have on people. Great post and hope that many kids AND THEIR PARENTS will heed the warning and be careful.

FYI: Tinnitus is when someone hears a roaring, buzzing, etc., in their ears when there is nothing outside their head making that sound.