04 December 2008

File Under: Absurd Gifts

Even in the best of economic times, a fiscal utopia where $50 bills sprout up from the cracks of pavement in place of weeds, how in the hell could anyone ever in their right mind spend $89 for a cardboard box!

Keep in mind that your $103 (that includes the $14 extra to ship your cardboard treasure) doesn't even get your kid this pretty colored one pictured in the magazine...nope, you get a blank canvas...6 plain pieces of sturdy cardboard for the bargain basement price of 89 DOLLARS.

The upside is that your cardboard will be shipped in even more cardboard and those extra pieces may just allow for the construction of a guest quarters or an out house adjacent to the primary residence.

At a bit over $100 you're nearly 25% of the way to buying a new refrigerator which comes with a free children's playhouse, ready to be scribbled on.

It's as if there was a Land of Nod office bet to see if they could get anyone to pay $89 for a box. Seems to have worked for at least one happy customer (who is posting their 5 Star review before their children have played with it). That happy mom thinks this box is "so different and unique". Yeah, something like that.


Jen said...

That is hilarious! Good post.

Naomi said...

They sell something very similar to these at the local box store for about $20...

Diane said...

Hysterical! But a little twisted. Makes me want to sell my cardboard rather than recycle it. I could make a killing off of a cardboard box with a little cardboard steering wheel inside. Beep! Beep! $75 please. (I like a bargain.)