14 December 2008

Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD

***3/10/2009 UPDATE***
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Looking for the perfect last-minute gift for a family member who has tape after tape of home video footage wasting away on those big old VHS cassettes? Take a look at the brand new product from software giants Roxio called
Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD.

While I have not personally tested this product yet (expect an official review next year) this does appear to be the most pain free and inexpensive method of transferring those precious moments to a new media format, one that allows for easy viewing, sharing and storing for many years to come.

With Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD software and included USB cables you will also be able to transfer your vinyl and cassette tapes onto CD or iTunes/other portable music players. That's right, you can finally play those dusty C+C Music Factory tapes again! How that is cool!
I'm looking forward to getting my old vinyl LPs into my iTunes library. Unfortunately, the software is PC-only so I'm going to have to use my parent's Dell or my brother's computer, then burn CD-Rs to rip onto my laptop to make this work.

Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD is not in stores (not even Amazon.com) until the end of the month, post-Holiday shopping season, but fear not - it can be had directly from Roxio right now. Watch this demo video of the software in action and then head over here to pick it up for $59.99.

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