29 January 2009

Lunch Money "Dizzy" CD Review

If Fids and Kamily were to add a best album artwork category to the year end awards poll (an addition I'd love to see), Lunch Money's "Dizzy" would surely land in the top half of the top ten. Even if such an honor never materializes, it's very likely "Dizzy" will end up in a similar spot in the year's best music list.

For starters, "Dizzy" features the loveliest and most lyrically clever kiddie tune these ears have heard thus far in '09. Of course, we're only 1/12 of the way through the year but it's hard to fathom a children's song matching the perfectly placed harmonies and layered musical sweetness of "It Only Takes One Night To Make a Balloon Your Friend". The track slowly folds in new sounds, much like Elvis Perkins' terrific opening cut on his debut album "Ash Wednesday". "...Balloon Your Friend" opens with nothing but Molly Ledford's warm, unique voice singing the chorus over top a gently strummed guitar. Next comes the sweeping violin and mandolin before mixing in Jay's perfect harmonies. The last ingredient is added for the final chorus as Jay's rat-tat-tat brushes kiss the snare drum. It's just about the most musically perfect 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Oh yeah, there are 11 more cuts included here as well, most notably the infectious, uptempo middle-of-the-record duo "Are You A Rabbit?" (with it's Gustafer Yellowgold "Rocket Shoes" reference - which is awesome) and the title track. Both of which, along with "...Balloon Your Friend", the Bear has been singing night and day since the disc arrived last week. The disc closes with two more gems, "Tiny Dinosaurs" and "Cookie as Big as My Head". Listen to the title track as well as those last two here.

There is only one thing wrong with "Dizzy" - it's WAY too short. You and your kids will be having so much fun singing and dancing that you'll be shocked when it ends so quickly. It's odd, none of the tracks themselves feel too short, yet the collected work is a mere 24 minutes long. Don't let that deter you from picking up "Dizzy" though. If you love quirky, clever, fun kiddie music you simply must own Lunch Money's "Dizzy".

While it's available on iTunes, this is the kind of album that you need to hold in your hands. Brandon Reese's artwork is stunning. He successfully captures the essence of summertime and unadulterated childhood bliss - all in a 5 inch square. It's a work of art - Buy Dizzy Now! Also available is Lunch Money's Debut CD.

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