10 April 2009

Get Your Face Off My Feet - The Search For Kid's Shoes

It may come as no surprise that the Mouse's newest pair of kicks is devoid of characters. We seek out such products, those that are stylish and unique yet remain affordable. That combination is becoming harder and harder to come by these days.

Walk into any Target (or similar) and the kid's sections, both clothing and toys (and bedding, snacks, bikes, etc...), is filled to the brim with Princesses, Dora and the like. It's such a joy to find a decent toy, a cool shirt or a sweet pair of shoes that don't need a character's face to help sell it.

The gals and I did just that at Target yesterday when we picked up these fashionable little sneakers for the Mouse (although this picture features the Bear's size 10 feet after she tried them on as a way of encouraging the Mouse to do the same). They are as comfortable (so I'm told) as they are hip. As an added bonus, they were on sale for less than $14!

If you're also in the market for some comfy, cool shoes for your toddler (they've coined the phrase Athleisure to describe 'em - which is both funny and apropos) that aren't splattered with Cinderella's mugshot check out the OshKosh™ Genuine Kids Ariele.


GBK Gwyneth said...

I have a similar vent about kids' clothes, but goes even further than just an objection to characters -- which we avoid as well. Glad you found something nice.

Jeff - OWTK said...

What else bugs you about kid's clothes? Writing on the rear? Low rise for 3 year olds? We object to so much more as well, but characters really irk me.