24 May 2009

Dino O'Dell and Sugar Free All Stars at KC Jiggle Jam 2009

There are some pretty big names in Kansas City this weekend, like Recess Monkey and Justin Roberts, but there are also some lesser known but equally gifted performers rockin' out for midwestern families at Jiggle Jam.

Two of those gracing the stages of Jiggle Jam on Saturday were Dino O'Dell and the Veloci-Rappers, from right here in Kansas City, and the Sugar Free Allstars, from Oklahoma.

The Sugar Free Allstars is a 2 man operation on drums and hammond organ. They blend NOLA funk and groove to produce wonderful songs for young kids. Their live show is highly engaging and interactive. The preschoolers in the audience really took to the duo, acting out modes of transportation and making a variety of animal sounds at singer Chris Wiser's request. Expect the Sugar Free Allstars debut DVD to be available in the very near future!

Dino O'Dell and the Veloci-Rappers were the 1st band we saw perform at Jiggle Jam on Saturday. The set was very enjoyable with terrific musicianship and clever songs across a wide array of styles. Additionally, he has the funniest bio of any kid's artist.

Check out "If I Had A Pizza" from Dino O'Dell:

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