26 May 2009

KC JIGGLE JAM 2009 Photo Albums on Facebook

Greetings from the Midwest!

We're on our way back home now, but managed to squeeze in enough free time on the hotel's WiFi network to create 2 Jiggle Jam photo albums.

Head over to the OWTK Facebook Page, become a fan, and either relive the greatest Family Music Festival in the country or wallow in misery because you missed the 2009 KC Jiggle Jam.


ma and pa otter said...

I completely enjoyed your jigglejam coverage...great picture of Dan Zanes. He and my two year old share a hairdo!

Jim Cosgrove said...


Thank you for great coverage of Jiggle Jam -- superb photos and video. It was an honor to have you and your beautiful family here in KC. We had a blast. And I'm with you on Brady -- he's fully rockin'! Sorry you had to see our Royals get walloped.