09 May 2009

Monty Harper and Mr. Billy "Refrigerator Art" - Kid's Song Review

Monty Harper and Mr. Billy shine on "Refrigerator Art", the standout track from their latest family music CD "Let's Get Creative" (with the High School Musical-esque cover art). The vocals and lyrical phrasing remind me a lot of another kid's music veteran, Joe McDermott.

The tune, like the other 11 on the record, was co-written by these two collaborative Internet friends, one hailing from Wisconsin, the other who calls Oklahoma home.
One using a Mac, the other a PC, one drinking Pepsi, the other preferring Coke...and so on. Natural enemies in the wild, it would seem, but instead these two children's musicians find common ground with their love of performing for kids and promoting their commendable pro-library/pro-reading agenda.

Written from a young artist's point of view, "Refrigerator Art" captures the pride and joy felt by a young child whose mom and/or dad deems a drawing fridge-worthy. It's a snappy, fun song that'll have your little one dancing at their desk as they work up their next crayon masterpiece.

Order your copy of "Let's Be Creative" today.

1 comment:

Monty Harper said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the review! I'm very proud to be compared favorably with Joe McDermott - one of my all-time favorite children's artists!