07 June 2009

Dan Zanes Live at the 2009 KC Jiggle Jam

My girls are digging Zanes more than ever. That's partly because we just saw him play in KC and partly because of their recent introduction to his Around the Kitchen! Live DVD. In particular, the songs "Wonder Wheel" and his version of "Pay Me My Money Down", have peaked their interest. That's pretty much a gross understatement. They're head over heels in love with the two cuts, especially the latter. Even the Mouse can be heard uttering something that sounds like "Pay Me" and "You Owe Me". If she ever finds herself working day labor, she'll be sure to know how to demand her take.

Dan Zanes & Friends played both tunes in Kansas City during the closing set of the outstanding 2009 Jiggle Jam.

I captured his performance of "Wonder Wheel" in what I consider my finest stab at song recording. I had good positioning and managed to frame Dan pretty well for much of the tune. Check it out below.

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