11 September 2009

For Fans of Nick at Nite

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner has a new production company and it's 1st effort is Glenn Martin, DDS. It's an animated show for kids that was recently added to the popular Nick at Nite primetime block of family programming.

Before you let your kids watch this show about a traveling dentist and his family, read my thoughts on Glenn Martin, DDS published over on iVillage.com.

[photo credit to Nickelodeon]

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ma and pa otter said...

another great article.
I just don't get the rush to expose kids to things adults find funny. I am not even a huge fan of slipping in humor that is supposedly over the kids heads.
Why go there.
Childhood is so quick anyway.

and side note...I am unable to comment on IVillage.
It invites me to "Chime In" on a topic yet even then I am unable to publish...
am I doing something wrong??