28 September 2009

Grow a Family Band Today at 9am

I imagine there are a good number of young families looking for good music to share with their babies and little children. That may be how you ended up here after all. You can take the easy path and turn to the Wiggles or Barney or Raffi. Those CDs are easily available and most everyone has heard of 'em. Don't.

While most folks that read OWTK and other Kindie Rock music blogs think the name Dan Zanes is a household one, I've found that this is far from the case.

I'm happy to let all the parents and grandparents out there looking for a cool kid's music holiday gift or an awesome baby shower gift for a passionate music loving family that there are some amazing alternatives to the banal, manufactured kid's pop music. To get started, you're going to want to log on to Amazon.com early this morning.

For 4 hours only today, starting at 9am ET/6am PT, you can pick up the Dan Zanes How to Grow a Family Band Gift Set for the ridiculously low price of $25 (and have it shipped for free!). This set usually costs over $65!

This set is the perfection introduction to the biggest name in the world of (quality) kid's music. It contains Zanes first 4 cds, a 5-song bonus disc and a sing-a-long activity booklet.

Buy it and Love it!

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