06 October 2009

Human Tim + Robot Tim = Live Show

I don't make a habit of posting about individual shows, especially one's that I'm not attending - but this one warrants a quick mention.

Human Tim + Robot Tim will be making their 1st ever LIVE performance together on November 1st in Chicago. If you're near the 2nd city, do try to get to the Beat Kitchen for the Tims inaugural kid's concert.

Crafts and activities for the kiddies after the show, Bears vs. Browns on TVs at the bar. Can't go wrong with all of that.
Tickets here.

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Laura said...

Tim is awesome. Especially the human Tim. We've worked together for many years now. Hilarious individual and I love his new disc! Also, I always look forward to his Christmas card every year...it's homemade and very creative.--Laura