29 November 2009

Kindie Rock Birthday Mix

The Mrs. celebrated her 31st birthday last week.  To mark the special occasion, I delivered to her a tasty cinnamon chip muffin topped with a candle en fuego, a cup of hot English Breakfast tea, and a bitchin' iTunes birthday mix using nothing but the finest in kid's rock-n-roll. 

Many of these tunes are not yet available on iTunes, otherwise I'd have turned this into an iMix for you to sample and purchase for your own (or your kid's) special day.  Maybe, if I ever get around to figuring out how to record a podcast (anyone wanna help?), I'll someday be able deliver all these tunes to you and your gang too.

Additionally, in a sign that we listen to WAY too much kid's music, we enjoyed a "cookie as big as her head" (thank you, Lunch Money) and "pizza and punch for her birthday lunch" (that's for you, Recess Monkey).  Essentially, the Mrs. was a living, breathing kindie rock song for her birthday.

Here's the tracklist of the mix I made:

The Jellydots - "It's Your Birthday"
The Jimmies - 2 songs from the new live CD (let's call 'em "Somebody's Birthday" and "My Birthday Party")
Justin Roberts - "It's Your Birthday"
Lunch Money - "Cookie As Big As My Head"
Recees Monkey - "Birthday Bite"
Baze and His Silly Friends - "Happy Happy Birthday"
Daddy A Go-Go - "Birthday Song"
Mr. Leebot - "It's Your Birthday" (popular song title!)
Ralph's World - "Happy Not My Birthday" (this one was for the kids and I who aren't a year older)
The Hipwaders - "Birthday Ruckus"

Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck - "Birthday Song"
Hullabaloo - "400 Cupcakes"
The Not It's! - "Let's Birthday" (a song that proves "Birthday" can be a verb)

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Amy Graves said...

Your birthday song list and mine (which is half a year out of date now) should hook up and have babies.