14 December 2009

Free Kid's Christmas Music - Todd McHatton

Todd McHatton (Glass Stained Twilight) is giving away for free his new, 5-song kiddie Christmas EP, aptly titled "Christmas Songs".  McHatton's dreamy, meandering folk-pop originals recall a chilled-out, less fuzzy Sebadoh.

"Christmas Songs" is a nice 15 minute addition to your Holiday playlist, especially if you're a fan of indie pop (ala The Shins).

Get your "copy" of this digital release now.

<a href="http://toddmchatton.bandcamp.com/album/christmas-songs">Santa Flying In Your Sleigh by Todd McHatton</a>

1 comment:

Todd McHatton said...

Thank you so much for including me on this awesome site and Merry Christmas!