04 April 2007

My Monkey, Blanket and Pillow

Ok, I am starting a meme. A couple weeks ago, I had no idea what that word even meant, but after Bumblebee Sweet Potato tagged me recently, I hit Wikipedia to find out what the heck I was pulled into. So, in response to this hilarious and charming story from NPR's Weekend Edition, about childhood blankee's and stuffed animals, I am listing my three favorite critters or "things" that I could not walk around the house without as a child.

1) My baby blanket. Green, Yellow and White. Made by someone in my family. It is so soft, still, and matched the wallpaper in my room as a very youngster. I still have it and love it (the blanket not the wallpaper). My arms lay underneath it every night as they rest peacefully above the heavy blanket. Occasionally, I will lose my baby blanket to my little girl who loves sleeping with it, presumably because it was (and still is, darnit!) her daddy's - but probably more because it is so comfortable.

2) Alphie. My monkey. He still lives with my parents, spending his retirement sitting in silence on my old bed - just waiting for one of the grandkids (or me) to come by and play for a spell. He is really not very snuggly at all, in retrospect, but I loved the guy.

3). My Yellow Pillow. It is a square of about 10 inches, with a Matchbox and Star Wars patches sewn in. It was also homemade, by my Nan I believe, and has been sewed and patched up so many times. It rests in a box in the closet.

Oh the times I spent with my blanket, pillow and monkey.

Ok, now it is your turn:

landismom @ Bumbleebee SP
Zak @ A Better Offer
Greg @ Mind Flakes
Phil @ A Family Runs Through It


Zak Champagne said...

I'll post mine here...

1) My blue blanket. The one that mysteriously keep shrinking every week. To my surprise I later found out that my parents were cutting it in half every time they washed it. Nice way to wean me off the blanket--Lots of sarcasm is noted in that statement. Anyway they actually have pictures of me walking around rubbing like half a washcloth on my face. Not funny--okay well it sort of is...

2. My skateboard. I was skating at the age of 3. I had skinned up knees and everything. It was an old powell parelta board. I'm pretty sure it was Steve Cabellero's first model.

3. I had an old stuffed animal of Animal from the muppets. Remember the crazy drummer. He was always my favorite.

How about a post on what we think our kids may remember as their favorite things as a child...

And this is just Zak from A Better Offer, not Richard too (ignore the display name)

landismom said...

Mine's up! And Zak, I hope they got you lots of therapy for that blankee trick.