28 July 2007

If our family car was a helicopter...

We would be in Vienna, VA right now getting ready for the Joe McDermott show. Since we have a grounded Subaru, we are home this morning. What a crap-fest our attempted drive from Bucks County, PA (where our girl was, spending the evening at Grandmom's) to Virginia turned out to be. We hit bumper to bumper traffic just south of the Philly airport on I-95 that had us sitting pretty much still for nearly an hour. By the time we got past the small amount of Saturday morning construction causing the mess, it was way too late for us to realistically have a prayer of getting passed D.C. and to the venue for the show. Considering McDermott doesn't seem to get to the East Coast very often, miserable doesn't quite capture my feeling right now.

Here is some of the traffic, so you can visually share in the fun we had.

We saw a dozen or so planes coming in to land from our spot on the highway. What fun.

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