03 July 2009

The Not Its! - We Are The Not-Its! CD Review

From snappy album art to punchy power-pop, this Seattle quintet makes quite a splash in the kiddie pool with their debut "We Are The Not-Its!"

Fans of Sub Pop Records and mid-90's indie rock will likely recognize the lead vocalist of The Not-Its. Sarah Shannon (of Velocity Girl) picks up right where she left off with 1994's "I Can't Stop Smiling", laying her voice over top of some fantastic danceable pop gems about gettin' fancy, birthday parties, bath time and intergalactic play dates. Fast forwarding 15 years, her audience probably doesn't look a whole lot different, just swap out the chain wallets for diaper bags.

While Shannon's voice is the one you may know, it's not the only one you'll hear on "We Are The Not-Its!" In fact, the album's two coolest tunes
are sung by one of the boys in the band and the results are outstanding. "I Love Camping" uses a sweet "We're going camping / oh yeah" chorus, funny clap & sing-along breakdown, and crunchy guitars to make certain that you won't need more than half a listen before you'll fall in love with camping as well. "When I'm Five" peeks in on a youngster's mindset as kindergarten fast approaches. The tune has really captured the Bear's attention, as she is only 6 weeks away from entering the school system herself. It's opening line of "When I'm Five / Off to school I will go / o-oh" oozes awesomeness. Listen and watch for yourself:

"The Great Compromise" and "Watch Me Share" prove that life lesson infused songs
can be fun when the subject matter is in the hands of a nimble songwriter who understands that a nuanced story is far more compelling then a sermon. "The Great Compromise" proves excellent at delivering it's pro-middle-ground message without the feeling of being beaten over the head. "Watch Me Share" does the same, with a softly harmonized "You're a great friend / watch me share" chorus.

The Not-Its! have arrived with an arsenal of four part harmonies, catchy pop music ideas, and a pair of pink tutus. Their debut, "We Are The Not-Its!", with it's smile-all-the-time vibe, uptempo backbeat and sugary sweet vocals, is an easy record to like. The disc's a treat, one that your kids should be allowed to gobble up as often as they wish.

Head over to The Not-Its! website to hear and buy the album.

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Jack said...

GO GO Not-Its! I love these guys!