27 April 2007

What Me, Think?

Both MindFlakes and A Family Runs Through It recently deemed me as a Thinking Blogger. I am flattered.

Here are a few folks who do some thinkin' and often make me stop and think (this is hard, since I cannot throw it back at Phil and Greg and I do not read that many blogs, but here it goes)

IzzyMom - this might be best blog post I have ever read. She articulates her point, one about the sexualization of young women, so well. I have touched on this but never fully attacked it here (my shortcoming as an organized writer - as this is topic number 1 that guies most everything I say, do and feel as a parent). Thanks Izzy.

Shannon at McBlog - she does not write often, but her last post hit me hard and reminded me that I need to push forward with my entrepreneurial endeavors sooner rather than later (despite the needed family sacrifices that will come with the effort to become self-employed).

Holy Buck, Fatman! - great post about abortion and, more specifically, about adoption. Why is it so freakin' hard for American families to become parents to kids who desperately need love and shelter?

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Shannon said...

Hey! That's me up there - thanks, Jeff! BTW - love the Obama shop....