06 June 2007

Another birth...at the other house

For those following along, we have had another birth. My gal's other Daddy, the one at her other house, delivered a baby girl. You may recall his dilema - he has no vagina, only a rear-end. Well, my girl has informed us that she had a magic wand and was able to turn him into a Mommy, thus allowing her other baby sister to be brought into the (other) world.

Congrats to him, er, her/him...whatever.

Oh, the baby's name:
Sacew (Sock-eww)


landismom said...

Well, glad to hear she was able to work such an amazing transformation:)!

Emily said...

I stumbled onto your website and read this post and was thoroughly confused. I mean, really confused. I thought I had dropped in on someone's chronical of a very psychotically messed up family who has babies in several houses.

I was quiet relieved as I continued to read that this was a story told by your daughter. Phew. Thanks for the laughs.

Jeff - OWTK said...

Haha! Glad you got a laugh from the story. My girl cracks me up everyday with stuff like this - she should start a blog!