04 June 2007

Stinky Cord

We had our new girl to the doctor's this morning, for an impromptu visit. Her cord stinks to the high-heavens and the outermost piece is black, nasty-looking and is dangling off. We needed to make sure it was not infected and that she was not feverish - which meant an old fashion rectal temp check (ouch!)

She is cool (literally and figuratively) right now, but the bit on the end fell off when the Doc applied silver nitrate to the belly button region - the worry now is that the chance of infection is greater as the area is exposed to the world o' germs. A trip to the NICU will be in our future if the "redness expands" - in the Dr.'s words. Good times!

In better news, here are two of the cutest feet in my home.

1 comment:

Megan said...

I hope she's ok! Can't wait to meet her.