05 September 2007

Do you own your www.childsname.com?

Interesting article from CNN.com about parents buying domain names for their children. Anyone out there own their kids name with a .com at the end of it? I had never thought of it and still did not make those purchases - although I did buy TheBearandMouse.com.

Hurry on over to Omnis and get your gavinstewartaaronthethird.com...before it is gone forever or before your poor little child will be the only one in grade school with a .biz extension!


landismom said...

I saw this too--so ridiculous. I do not own my children's domain names, I confess.

Although I have to say, I thought the guy who pointed out that domain names may not have much to do with internet navigation in 15-20 years might be on to something.

Jeff - OWTK said...

Right on. Can you imagine spending, say, $10 a year for the next 18-20 years to own yourkidsname.com?

That is nuts.

Mrs. Davis said...

I thought this was nuts.

And BTW, I'm trying to email you but can't find your addy.

Alex said...

Links leads to 404 page ((