04 September 2007

Writing about not writing

I consider myself a pretty big fan of Chuck Bukowski and I recall a poem of his which centered around his inability or lack of desire to write. So, what to do when you can't write? Write, of course. Consider that inspiration for this short ramble.

I have no desire to post. Well, that is not true. I have no inclination to type, to actually spend the time at the laptop pushing buttons and seeing the words that, until now, existed happily, with no obvious plan for anything grander, in my head appear on the screen. Ashame, really. I have a lot to share - maybe too much. That could be the main issue here, I do not even know where to start. I have a review of the wonderfully cool Ellen & Matt CD to provide y'all, a recap of our hellish evening in the Catskill Mountains, a possible "cure" for Night Terrors and I wouldn't mind telling ya that the Mouse (now 3 months young) has and continues to roll over from back to belly - there really is no stopping the munchkins once they start, is there?

Instead, I will just say goodnight.

Oh, one thing...sad to have read about what appears to be the demise of a marriage over at IzzyMom. That sucks bigtime - turning 40 and having to imagine a new life sans spouse. Best wishes are heading your way Izzy.

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