06 December 2007

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast DVDs

We recently received "Somewhere in Nowhere Land" and "Trick or Treat", the two new Maggie & the Ferocious Beast DVDs released in September, and they have, in very quick fashion, taken over my house. The Bear has fallen in love with the charismatic polka-dotted beast, Hamilton the debonair pig and the adorable and resourceful girl with her name on the marquee. The videos are long, about 90 minutes in length, but are broken into four convenient episodes, each of which contain 3 shows and last for a touch over 20 minutes. This organizational structure allows for easy TV time management and negotiation (we usually allow two episodes per viewing).

Not familiar with Maggie? Think Dora with more interesting sidekicks and without the whore-ish merchandise push, monotonous schtick and repetitive dialogue.

All-in-all, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is a pretty perfect show with a friendly non-evasive tone, quirky/cool characters and cute, subtle story lines that show more than they tell which is quite refreshing. Maggie reminds me of Oswald in that it is a less frantic entertainment (compared to it's peers) - something I also appreciate greatly as we try to foster a mellow vibe in the OWTK chateau.
So it turns out Maggie, a five year old gal with a vivid imagination and smarts that aren't flaunted, is on Noggin/Nick Jr. - shows how much I know. We had no idea she even existed as we have never once turned to either of those channels (preferring ad-free DVDs like this instead).

The "Somewhere in Nowhere Land" DVD is as perfect a gift for any child already enamored with Maggie as it is for little tykes who, like us, have never heard of Maggie. The collection of 12 stories on "Somewhere in Nowhere Land" serves as an ideal introduction to the Maggie and the Ferocious Beast characters.

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