08 December 2007

Phineas McBoof - The Book!

A fairly sizable piece on spending a short weekend in D.C. is coming soon. In the meantime...remember my very favorable review of "The Ballad of Phineas McBoof" by Dr. Noize or the fact that I believe it to be a top 10 kid's record in 2007 (in the Fids and Kamily poll)? Well, I was cruising the web Friday night while I watch the Redskins v. Bears game in brilliant HD at my parent's house (we were supposed to head down to Philly for the Elvis Perkins show but we didn't - bummer) and figured I would pop in on Dr. Noize to see what's up. Turns out there is now a book version of Phineas! While I haven't seen or read the book, the sample pages look stunning. Check it out here.

*If you order it before 12/19 you can get it personalized, signed and delivered before Christmas. Stuff Phineas into a stocking this year!

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